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Hello Colleagues,

Short version: Has anyone used 10Gb single-mode sfp+ modules in a NetApp Filer?

Background: We have two Nexus cores in two separate buildings, distance about 300 meters as the fiber lies, connected by single mode fiber.  We had wanted to use Virtual Port Channel from the two Nexus to the two filers.  Turns out NetApp branded SFP+ only come in multimode aka short-wave flavor.  

So, I am thinking that the electrical interface in all of these SFP+s is probably the same and it is just the laser that is different.  If this is true, we should be able to put a couple of  OEM single-mode sfp+ in the filers and get our VPC working.  Esp given that many of us in the EDU arena try to get the most resiliency with the least $, I am thinking someone else may have tried this.

Dennis Bohn
Manager of Network and Systems
Adelphi University
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On a technical level you are correct, but the SPF has a burned in identifier. For instance on a Cisco switch if you put in a non-Cisco SFP+ the OS will shut it down unless you enter the hidden command 'service unsupported-transceiver'. Almost everything else I've been able to just put in any working SFP+ and be fine but I also don't own any NetApps. That said, my 3rd party optics vendor (ChampionOne) was very happy to send me a few eval SFP+ modules to try on everything before I bought, yours might be as well. -Fred