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We are decommissioning some Juniper firewalls and looking for a reputable service to work with to regain any residual value out of them.  Does anybody have an recommendations?  I’ve been told that the grey market for Juniper is nearly non-existent due to their inflated recertification costs to get support.


Please feel free to email me directly.


Thank you



Brandon Riffel – IT Manager, Technical Operations

Ottawa University



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We used Pyramid for our Juniper gear. Feel free to message me and I can give you a contact.


Tim Cappalli, Network Engineer
LTS | Brandeis University
x67149 | (617) 701-7149

I use IT Outlet.  I can have them just give me credit, that I then use to purchase other items.  If I sell it out right the money goes to our general income fund.  They will do either.

My contact there is Kevin Huber

Thank you,

Lee Weers
Director of ITS Infrastructure
Central College