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Afternoon All ~


With our budget year coming up, we finally have the dough to buy some network testing equipment to verify some of our Cat5/Cat5e installations.


Before doing a ton of research, I figure I’d check to see what is being used.  Our uses will be:


-          Testing Copper Length (total run of the wire)

-          Line certification (Speeds/Termination)

-          Presence of PoE on the line

-          RJ-11 phone testing/toning a bonus (most come with this)


The other question to piggy back on this is a cheap unit to light up ST 62.5 Fiber.  Cheapest one I’ve found is about $200 bucks.  Curious if that’s the norm.


Our overall budget is $1,000.




-Aaron Hockett

Network Engineer

Warner Pacific College

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