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I’m having some issues troubleshooting a printing problem and I’m running out of ideas.  At this point, I’m hoping that someone has ran into this issue before and can shed some light…



            Random print jobs are being delayed, between random computers & random printers.  The delay can last anywhere between a few seconds to 20 minutes.  Most of the HP printers display a “data received” message but then just hang up there.  We’ve found that in most cases the users can press the “Go” button on the printer and the job will spit right out.  This was happening from our OpenVMS server as well and the VMS admin was able to throw in a hp_reset switch which hides the issue… it essentially just presses the “Go” button for the users from what I understand.



            HP & Lexmark Printers (No others on campus)

            100% Cisco network – 4510 switches at the core, 3560 perimeter switches (Cisco TAC wasn’t any help)

            OS: Windows & OpenVMS (No others on campus)


We’ve rebooted everything, replaced drivers, printers, firmware, etc. and haven’t noticed a difference.  We’ve also moved printers & PCs around to different VLANs & switches and there doesn’t seem to be anything that makes the issue better or worse.  I was able to get one good clean capture of the traffic at the right time and didn’t notice any obvious errors, but at one point there was a weird delay in the packets that seemed to coincide with the printing delay.  Unfortunately I must’ve gotten click happy and deleted it…






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Might check the power save settings on the printers. We had to disable on some HPs because the power save turned off the ethernet. In those cases the jobs were hung in the print queue on the Windows server though.




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I don’t know if this matches your description, but we once had some issues like this, and it ended up being a user that somehow had queued some files to print, but deleted them before the print occurred and was basically ‘hogging’ the printer. But, in our case, it was apparent in a packet capture where we would see the same guy grabbing the printer.