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Good afternoon, NETMAN -

The West/Southwest Regional conference deadline is approaching.  Is anyone attending, and interested in facilitating NETMAN discussions?

Let me repeat - 

The Network Management Constituent Group (NETMAN CG) has had a long
standing tradition of meeting at Educause national to share knowledge
and make contacts. Many of you have shared in these conversations,
and have benefited from them.

Last year, the NETMAN CG meeting were also held at the regional
Midwest conference in Chicago with great success.

We have the opportunity to continue this growing tradition by holding
sessions at the other regional conferences as well. We are,
therefore, looking for facilitators for the other regional EDUCAUSE events

West/Southwest @ Portland  (Feb 22-24)  -  Deadline =December 19th
Midwest @ Chicago (Mar 26-28)  -  Deadline = January 31st  (Hoffswell and Paige will be facilitating)
Southeast @ Tampa May 30-Jun 1)  -  Deadline = March 28th

NETMAN CG participation at these events could be a discussion session, lunch-time round-table, or poster session.

The Constituent Group meetings have been highly valuable for me, and
many other network managers. Extending this opportunity to the
regional conferences is a great opportunity to do good work for our
profession and our organizations.

If you plan on attending one of these events, and are interested in acting as
a facilitator for a NETMAN CG meeting, please email me directly at

Thanks for your support of the Higher Education Networking!
Pete Hoffswell - Network Manager
********** Participation and subscription information for this EDUCAUSE Constituent Group discussion list can be found at


Final call - 

Anyone planning on attending Educause West/Southwest?  Do you want to host a NETMAN discussion?

Long live the networkers - 
Pete Hoffswell - Network Manager