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We are currently investigating options for detecting rogue APs connected to our wired Cisco network.     One option currently being tested is the NAT detection feature in our Impulse point NAC.  We are wondering what  are some of the other methods currently in use to prevent the connection of rogue access points to the campus wired network.


Thank you

Bruce Entwistle

University of Redlands


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We have found that well-communicated policy blessed by our CIO, a few examples being made now and then, and having a very good wireless network all combine to deter rogues.


But… it doesn’t prevent them. Though we do see a few plug-in rogues as students move back in every semester (we have our own tricks for finding them, and then mitigate/educate), most of our rogues these days are personal hotspots and mi-fi devices. The right wireless management system will report on them, and whether and how you mitigate may or may not be suitable for list discussionJ


Thankfully, we’ve grown a pretty good culture of faculty and staff understanding that rogues are undesirable and why. It really helps limit the issue.




Lee H. Badman

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