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We are running into problems managing high density SC connectors. One example is on our 7000’s, it is very difficult to push the release on one connector due to the high density (which we have encouraged, and Cisco to provide BTW), without pushing the release on the one above or below it. Aside from hiring technicians with long, slender fingers, has anyone come up with any other techniques or tools to deal with this issue?


Pete Morrissey

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There are SC Connector removal tools available, I know the Corning CRT-001 is one of them but there are others.






Patrick Goggins

Senior Systems Administrator

University of Wisconsin - Green Bay




We have one of these.  Works pretty well.


Thank you Patrick and David! I have one on order.

I also ordered one of these:


And BTW, I meant to say LC, which is a small connecter the size of a twisted pair connector. Apparently the tool you guys recommended will work for both.


I would also recommend leaving slots open if/when possible so that there is room between each card. We did happen to do this with our first 7000 (but not for this reason)  and removing connectors was much easier.






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We have one of these.  Works pretty well.