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Hi everyone:


I searched the archives and I don’t see any recent conversations on Server Load Balancers, or the new and improved name “Application Delivery Controllers”, (which is odd, because I thought I posed this question relatively recently, but it all melds together after a while…).


At the present time, we are utilizing some low-end side functionality off an Alcatel-Lucent edge switch to perform SLB functions.  We’re looking to dive into something more comprehensive.  The list of vendors seems to be:







Coyote Point




Our immediate implementations will be for PeopleSoft (front-end web servers) and MS Exchange.  I’m not sure where else we’ll go from there, although some of the SSL offloading features are intriguing.


Thoughts, opinions, recommendations, gripes (feel free to email me directly on that one!)?




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This may become a tangential conversation to my original post, but I was contacted by a VAR yesterday re my post.  He represents a SLB/ADC that is a VM.  What are people’s thoughts of using a VM in this role?  My initial feeling is that I’m not keen on the idea.  I’m not sure I like the idea of using a VM, that shares hard network ports, to “route” infrastructure traffic.  I’m curious what other people think.