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Anyone using an SMS gateway?


We have a guest registration app that we are planning that will send IDs and passwords as a text message. There probably won’t be a high volume, but we are looking for someone that will provide a privacy guarantee about the phone numbers we’ll be sending messages to.


Mearl Danner

Systems Programmer

Samford University Technology Services


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Hi Mearl,


We use Message-Media with our BlueSocket-based wireless guest service to text passwords to self-sponsored guests.


Largely happy with the service, only the rare lag in delivery but most occur within seconds.




Lee H. Badman

Wireless/Network Engineer

Information Technology and Services

Adjunct Instructor, iSchool

Syracuse University

315 443-3003



We use a MultiTech Multimodem iSMS ( to send SMS messages directly to the cell network. Keeping it in-house prevents the privacy issues, plus you have the added benefit of a method of out-of-band communication that can be used with something like Nagios or Solarwinds for system monitoring (since it's difficult to get e-mail alerts when the e-mail server is down).

Neil Gaede
Systems Manager
University of St. Thomas - Houston, TX