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We’re filling out our yearly USNWR survey, and I’m struggling with the numbers to report. The wired section is fairly straight forward to report on, but the wireless section isn’t so much.


We’ve never had the data-sheet client numbers connected to our wireless infrastructure, so we only have our very own real-world numbers (avg 1200, max 2100). We are running three Aruba sup II’s and have (mostly) AP-65’s with a single campus SSID and an open guest network campus-wide. I’ve heard the 65’s were supposedly designed for 24 simultaneous users, and well, that gives us 14K theoretical client connections.


How have you quantified a number for, “indicate the total approximate number of simultaneous users that can be accommodated”?




David Ziemba


Network Engineer

ITS, Colorado College

14 E Cache Poudre

Colorado Springs, CO  80903



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