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Please share which wall-mount cabinets you recommend for keeping network gear safe in shared-spaces. Here are some of the requirements we have identified:
Strong enough to hold a heavy APC 1500 UPS, 3 switches, and patch-panels
Deep enough to support long switches
Good cable-management
Smooth, rounded edges to prevent injury and cable damage
Supports a standard external padlock
Good ventilation to prevent overheating
Thanks in advance!
Tristan Rhodes
Tristan Rhodes
Network Engineer
Weber State University
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We use Hoffman for that sort of installation; normally we are doing this when the environment is poor (outside, in a shed etc) so we get the completely sealed ones (cut sheet attached) and run a small heater and AC unit in them. However i believe they have units that are just ventilated.




James Shuttlesworth

Network Technologies Manager

Ursinus College

Information Technology


I never found my idea of the perfect secure wall rack  but I talked to several vendors trying to find it.  I was looking for a wall rack  that instead of having doors and hinges, had  removable panels.  Idea came from looking at server racks that can be stripped down to four posts for access.  .  Why can’t that design just be bolted to the wall?    Instead of dealing with a swinging door on the front my idea was to have the front panel be  several inches deep so it could  fit over  all the cabling and anything that stuck out in front of the rack itself.   It would just lift off and be set aside.      Being able to remove all the panels would provide the easier access  of  an open rack but the security of a closed rack without having to deal with the movable parts and cramped spaces.    In my opinion, network patch panels, cables,  and equipment should not move.


Curt Parish

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We’ve been using the Chatsworth Cube-iT cabinets in various sizes for several years. We’ve found them to be about the best at holding a heavy load when mounted to a wall. We usually purchase the six foot model that has rollers underneath the swinging part. We have built several network closets using these over the past few years. We are currently using the Cisco 3750X switches which are VERY deep and these cabinets accommodate them.

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