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Why marketing software will never be like ERP is an excellent article by Scott Brinker, expert in marketing technology.


It’s been hard for me to explain, coherently, to my management why marketing technology is unique in IT. Scott hits the nail on the head.


He points out that in other parts of IT, there’s a lot of standardization, as evidenced by the major players, but that marketing technology, there is little standardization:


Only one marketing technology firm ranks here. But look at the diversity in the industry (Sitecore is buried in the middle! J):


Top 10 quotes:

1.       “Finance, manufacturing, even the bulk of HR, may be complex functions, but for the most part, they're highly standardized. …or downright regulated.”

2.       “finance is managed today the same way it has been for decades”

3.       “Stability and standardization do not characterize marketing today”

4.       “the entirety of marketing is in a perpetual state of disruptive innovation” … “it is the antithesis of stability”

5.       “I'm not just talking about marketing software providers either. The very channels and vehicles they work on top of are still rapidly evolving, with new ones being invented every week. (Take Pinterest for example.)”

6.       “marketing software has almost no industry-wide standardization”

7.       “Marketers don't want their customer experiences to be standardized against their competitors. They want their brands to be unique and beautiful snowflakes.”

8.       “businesses can control their processes for finance, manufacturing, and HR” HOWEVER “you can't dictate process to your prospects and customers” THEREFORE “And this is why marketing software will never be like ERP — we can't dictate the process end-to-end.” … “Marketing is — or should be — obsessed with their customers' processes”

9.       backbone marketing systems “will be complemented by a wide variety of so-called "point solutions” (so don’t expect one solution to solve them all)

10.   “Rather than fantasize of ‘one platform to rule them all,’ marketers, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists should embrace the complex, heterogeneous environment of modern marketing.”


Again, excellent article. I recommend a full read.



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