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Has anyone tried the reporting features in NCS? I ran a client summary report, which is what we used to run in WCS and I'm seeing some inconsistencies. For one, the hourly reports are not working.

Then the client counts that we see in the main page do not seem to match the averages that we see in the report. The numbers are way off. In this particular report they also list average number of users and average number of clients. What's the difference?


Hector Rios

Louisiana State University


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This is interesting. For me, WCS reporting on data set of any size was almost worthless. NCS (so far, only been on a few weeks) has been much better in this regard. I have seen enough goofy stuff in NCS that require reboots to get past, that I'm a bit bummed. But reporting has been solid.

Lee, you are not helping. I'm looking for someone to feel my pain. :) So the data you see in various reports is consistent? I've got a TAC case open and I'm waiting to see what they say. I hate to look at documentation that gives you descriptions like: "Average Number of Users", description: "this report prints out an average of the number of users".


Hector Rios

Louisiana State University


So far my reports are one of the only things consistent:) But now I'll look deeper to make sure I'm not talking myself into seeing something I shouldn't be. Please keep us updated on what TAC says. I get a chuckle out of the same old broken/improper English messages in there when something trips up.

I am seeing the occasional:

a wierd condition where MSE/NCS triggers for wrong MAC for context aware notification- can be resolved by restart of MSE.

fictitious AP alerts or information- cleared by reboot of NCS

inability to click on rogue clients from security tab, though tracking is enabled in MSE



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Did you ever get this issue resolved?  My reports where good up until the latest release, now my client count reports that I have setup to run weekly aren’t correct.




That's interesting. Regarding my initial issue, all Cisco has told us so far is that there would be some errors in the client summary reports that would be addressed in the NCS 1.1 release. We are still running


Hector Rios

Louisiana State University


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The reports are setup to report by floor area, then I pick a certain building with all floors of that building.  It gives me an overall total then a total for each floor.  Since the upgrade the totals of the floors don’t add up to the overall total of the building.  It’s pretty bad, the overall total will say 750-800 and the floors will only have around 10 clients each, with a total of 4 floors in that building.   I’m going to open a TAC case.


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I was able to correct my reports.  All the issues I had were with saved scheduled reports.  I had to delete them all and recreate, schedule, then save them.  All client totals are good now. 



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