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We hit a pretty interesting bug when migrating. "CSCto81983: The export tool to export WCS data to NCS does not work when the data files are larger than 4-GB." We were running on WCS and our data files were 20G. We are having to upgrade WCS to and do it all over again. Just a heads-up.




Hector Rios

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Also be sure to upgrade NCS to otherwise the import from WCS won’t work. Not fun waiting 11+hours to find that tidbit out.


For anyone else out there running NCS…how are you authenticating administrative users? We’re using TACACS+ with ACS 5.2 that’s fed by an LDAP backend and having issues with certain users logging in. The error message they see states that there was no authorization information received for them and to check the TACACS+ server configuration. The catch is that other users in the same group (with the same TACACS+ shell profile even) can log in just fine. I’ve got a TAC case open on this one but it’s slow going. Just wondering if anyone else has seen a similar issue since the Bug Toolkit doesn’t seem to have anything on this.




Brandon Case, CCNA

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I ran into that one at first as well.  My most recent has been “CSCtw59475” (still internal only) where adding & deleting APs with a MSE makes NCS slow.  I just got a patch from TAC yesterday which seems to have resolved the issue.


I just noticed another bug today where on the ‘Top APs By Client Count’ dashlet the Map Location hyperlinks don’t work.


Josh Robertson

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Old Dominion University

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