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I have been working with Cisco on an intermittent issue with some Android devices not being able to get a DHCP address or keep their connection once they get an IP. At their suggestion, I changed the QoS to Silver from Gold. That helped. But, as the debugs I sent them show, some Androids are slow at requesting a new DHCP address. (This is similar to the problem defined by Princeton University. ) Cisco TAC now is suggesting I enable, “DHCP address assignment required”. While I like that it would stop wireless devices from statically assigning themselves addresses, I am concerned about the caveats to the feature. The documentation suggests that it can have problems with non-Windows device (which means most of my clients) and can cause delays when roaming. Do you have the feature enabled? If so, do you have problems with gaming systems or mobile phones? Thank you, -- Christina Christina Klam Network Administrator Institute for Advanced Study Email: Einstein Drive Telephone: 609-734-8154 Princeton, NJ 08540 Fax: 609-951-4418 ********** Participation and subscription information for this EDUCAUSE Constituent Group discussion list can be found at


We also have been running DHCP REQUIRED for several years on all of our SSIDs except for one I play with. We have seen no problems over this time other than those devices that don't play well with others and keep their IP address without asking to renew the lease. We also have roaming enabled between our 24 WiSMs with no reported problems. We do not do QOS on our switches (that is changing as we speak though not in response to a wireless problem -- to help our new VoIP deployment). We are now running on our WiSMs (version 1; just got my first three WiSM2s in yesterday). -jcw ------------------------------------- John Watters    UA: OIT  205-348-3992