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From the cio@educause list... The same concept applies to this list. Hi, everyone, I had an interesting email chat with a vendor who asked questions about a recent post where the poster, a university CIO, said they needed recommendations for a direction. The nature of the work was in the vendor's field and the vendor wondered about making connections with the CIO. I re-read the post, and I could see how the vendor would feel free to contact the individual, but since the list rules are as they are, I discouraged the contact. I'm suggesting that everyone on the list keep in mind that vendors are on the list. If you post about seeking a system, or a consultant, or a solution, please also state if you want to hear from vendors. If you really want the recommendations of CIO peers and not vendor contacts, please state that. There are times when we post on the list and we do want vendor contacts - I've done that myself. If we can state that clearly, we will help vendors connect with those people who really need the contacts. Thanks much for your consideration. -- Theresa Rowe Chief Information Officer Oakland University ********** Participation and subscription information for this EDUCAUSE Constituent Group discussion list can be found at