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We are currently looking at piloting eight of the Meraki MR 16-HW wireless access points.  I am looking for two things.  One if anyone has any experience with these access points could you give me the good the bad, and the ugly as it applies.  My second question is has anyone run Meraki WAPS in and environment with Cisco WAP also running?  If so did you have any problems?  Thank you for time and comments.




Sara M. Laird

Network Administrator

Mount Saint Mary's University


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Syracuse University runs a 35-AP deployment in our London center, and couldn't be happier. Our main campus has around 3,500 Cisco APs. Be happy to talk with you on or off list.

Lee H. Badman
Network Architect/Wireless TME
ITS, Syracuse University
Merrimack moved from Cisco to Meraki about 18 months ago. We have around 350 APs in our deployment and are very happy. You might need to do some manual channel management if the Merakis are going to be deployed in Cisco airspace. No big deal. 
Rand P. Hall
Director, Network Services                 askIT!
Merrimack College

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