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New NCS release is out.  Lots of bug fixes.


Trenton Hurt, CCNP(W), CCNA(W), CCNA(V), CCNA(R/S)
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Has anyone who is running MR2 tried to migrate data from WCS The release notes explicitly say it’s supported but after a 7 hour wait, I was presented with this message last night:


**** Appliance Restore Process ****

ERROR: invalid backup file version. Exception: is not a supported WCS version. Please restore a backup of one of the supported versions.


Haven’t opened a TAC case yet but that’s going to be my next step. Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience yet.




Brandon Case, CCNA

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I've had the same problem, and have a TAC case open. I've had nothing but problems getting the export to work, which was the reason we went to this version of WCS code.