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Perhaps it’s because it’s Friday, but just getting PI up  & running and I see that when within the GENERAL dashboard,

I cannot scroll all the way to the right to see the edge of the dashlets on that side. 


I thought it might be quickest to just ask this group.

Anyone else seeing this? or is this just a user error as I get accustomed to the new interface ;-)


If I minimize all dashlets on the left, then I can see a bit more of it.

I’m seeing no difference between IE/Chrome (most current revs).

If I drag/drop the right-side dashlets to the left , then I can see the entire thing – I suppose I can move them all to the left hand side.


Secondly, can one create a user-defined dashboard (to be used by a number of users) and then lock the layout down?




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we are on but camy from 103 and the advice I got from TAC was use Chrome.  It's working  well in a 22.0.1229.79 chrome browser.

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