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Is anyone out there using Aruba with Radiator for wpa2 authentication back-end?  We are seeing an issue for a while now, where within the same session, start IP record is different than stop IP record.  Seems to happen mostly with Iphones and Android devices.  Just curious to see if other schools are seeing this also.  Below is one example from Radiator logs.  I can also see this via Airwave logs, with one session having multiple IPs.  Thanks.


          ATTRIBUTE = StartValue (StopValue)

    Acct-Session-Id = 87253245F0B47918B6FF-82212 (87253245F0B47918B6FF-82212)

          User-Name = 872532454 (872532454)  Calling-Station-Id = F0B47918B6FF (F0B47918B6FF)

  Aruba-Location-Id = AP4-ks (AP4-ks)

          Timestamp = Fri Oct 19 09:47:42 2012 (Fri Oct 19 10:01:58 2012)

  Framed-IP-Address = (






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