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Many Thanks Trent for the info. Great news indeed but as far as I understand you still need a real Aerohive AP based wireless network in order to get location and identity based BonJour discobery. As always in this business the first sample is free. ;) As of today the best (costly) solution is in my opinion Arubas Clearpass BonJour GW. Cheers Anders Nilsson University of Umeå SUENT Sweden -----Ursprungligt meddelande----- Från: The EDUCAUSE Wireless Issues Constituent Group Listserv [mailto:WIRELESS-LAN@LISTSERV.EDUCAUSE.EDU] För Lee H Badman Skickat: den 18 september 2012 04:04 Till: WIRELESS-LAN@LISTSERV.EDUCAUSE.EDU Ämne: Re: [WIRELESS-LAN] aerohive bonjour gateway Thanks, Trent. Here's hoping for sunnier days on the Bonjour front. ________________________________________


Hi Bruce, Well I'm just referring to the presentations that were made during the Wireless Techfield day 3 last week and at least the demo looked polished and nice. I have no experience with Aruba myself other than visiting other Universities in Sweden but I've been talking to Aruba people (yeah right they always tell the whole truth) and they told me that was in beta supposed to be ready within the fall. I'm pretty sure there people out there that are much more well informed than me on the Aruba products Cheers Anders -----Ursprungligt meddelande----- Från: Osborne, Bruce W [] Skickat: den 19 september 2012 10:57 Till: Anders Nilsson Kopia: Osborne, Bruce W Ämne: RE: aerohive bonjour gateway Anders, What is Aruba's ClearPass Bonjour GW? Are you referring to the Aruba AirGroup feature that is still in alpha testing? According to their documentation, it can be deployed in a very limited configuration without ClearPass. We are an Aruba wireless and ClearPass customer and this is the first mention I have heard of a ClearPass Bonjour GW. Thank you, Bruce Osborne Network Engineer IT Network Services   (434) 592-4229   LIBERTY UNIVERSITY Training Champions for Christ since 1971