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Hello Colleagues:

has anyone done a recent RFP and/or upgrade where they thoroughly vetted HP vs. Cisco and/or Aruba?

I'm looking for reference schools that either selected HP over the other two traditional heavy weights OR schools that did not select them after performing their due diligence.

If you want to respond privately, fine. I'm sure the list (and archives) would love to hear this discussion as well.

all my best,


p.s. for all the newer members on the list, note, I'm one of YOU...not one of THEM :-)

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I haven't used the other two products but i have just had the HP MSM series wireless system fitted and i have to say ITS THE WORST PRODUCT I HAVE EVER USED AND I WOULD STEER WELL CLEAR OF IT. There are so many bugs with the firmware its a joke, HP themselves don't even know what version of code is the best so we have been through 7 different firmwares some of which are beta code. There are currently issues with RTL8191SE wireless adaptors which makes any laptop with that card unusable. This took HP weeks to admit and blamed the power settings on our laptops at first. There is also an issue with spectralink phones but i can't tell you what the issue is because i am still waiting for HP to tell me. There lots of other issues which it would take me hours to go into but i hope the above was some help Alex ________________________________