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We are currently seeing the following issue.

1. User's laptop is configured to use SSO to connect to the wireless network BEFORE user logon
2. User logs in using a UPN (example: and connects just fine.
3. The User's wireless connection is interrupted (laptop goes to sleep, they turn off the wireless card and back on again, etc.)
4. User can no longer connect to wireless (Windows pops up a bubble "Windows cannot connect to SSID").

The only solution so far is to have the user completely logout and log back into windows system.

It appears from our RADIUS logs that after the wireless connection drops,  Windows reverts to using  DOMAIN\User for the wireless user name (in our case IOWA\user).

Anyone else seen this issue and have a solution ?


Neil Johnson
Network Engineer
The University of Iowa
Phone: 319 384-0938
Fax: 319 335-2951
Mobile: 319 540-2081

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