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Hi All – Does anyone utilize role-based bandwidth restrictions in their wireless controller (other than guest networks) or do you just leave WLAN traffic like a wired port and traffic shape on the WAN edge? We are using an Aruba centralized wireless network.


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We limit the upload for our dormitories to 3 Mbps and the download to 10 Mbps per user on our Aruba controllers.
Mostly because we still have 802.11b/g and need to manage the WLAN capacity (we rarely reach the limit on the WAN side).
Once we upgrade to 802.11n with high density we will definitely reconsider.

Philippe Hanset
Univ. of TN, Knoxville

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We currently use per user bandwidth contracts of 5Mbps upstream and 5Mbps downstream in our residence halls on our Aruba controllers. All our residence hall APs are 802.11n.