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We are looking at replacing some of our legacy bridges and I was curious to see what are others are using for wireless point to point links?







Trenton Hurt

Wireless Network Administrator

University of Louisville

Phone (502) 852-1513

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We use Ruckus Wireless bridging. Works great in all weather, no hassle on setup since they can be married at the factory. I replaced one end from a lightening hit, setup was painless.

Harry Rauch Sr. Network Analyst Eckerd College 4200 - 54th Ave S St. Petersburg, FL 33711

We have used a pair of Bridgewave GE60 units for years and they have worked well.


Bruce Entwistle

Network Manager

University of Redlands


Depends on bandwidth you’re looking for and range. We use:


-          Exalt r5005 80 up/80 down, can be slid around within limit of 160 Mbps aggregate. Good range, measured in miles. Good value, easy config

-          Bridgewave Gigabit (60 series) shorter range- carrier grade. Pricey, but get what you pay for

-          Playing with Ubiquiti AirFiber- 1.4 Gbps over miles- cheap but if lives up to it’s promis could be disruptive at under $3K set


Lee H. Badman

Network Architect/Wireless TME

Information Technology and Services (ITS)

Syracuse University

315 443-3003




Lee, How far along are you re: the Ubiquiti AirFiber evaluation? I'm looking at that product for a couple short-hauls (< 2 miles). -Brian ________________________________________
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We use the Ubiquity PowerBridge M5 units in multiple locations on our campus. They are a breeze to setup, they work in all weather, and the maintenance is low.


De Vaughn A. Elledge

Sr. Sys. Software Engineer

Wayne State University

Computing & Information Technology

Network Engineering & Security

5925 Woodward, RM 160

Detroit, MI 48202

PH: 313.577.6248

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