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Dear all,

Wondering if anyone has a particularly useful tool for documenting & mapping institutional or programmatic competencies to course objectives to assessments and/or activities? Or perhaps an example you could share of the end product?  


Clark Shah-Nelson
Sr. Instructional Designer, Center for Teaching and Learning
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
111 Market Pl. Ste. 830 Baltimore, MD 21202
voice/SMS: +1-410-929-0070 --- IM, Skype, Twitter: clarkshahnelson
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Check out

I've been impressed with All of E's HE curriculum mapping tool:

Input your syllabi, and you can map any level of activity (syllabus - module - assignment - test question) to standards/competencies/objectives. It will also do gap analysis - tell you if a certain competency isn't directly addressed in your curriculum.