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Hi All, I was wondering if anyone had models for calculating your online FTE (as a subset of your campus FTE)? I suspect many of you may have fully online students (students taking a complete course online, or enrolled in a fully online program), blended/hybrid students (those taking some portion of the course online, perhaps resulting in reduced in-class seat time) and web enhanced courses (those courses where content and activities are available online, but there is no reduced expectations or workload in class). We would like to be able to establish the FTE that describes just the online population, those enrolled in fully online courses, blended/hybrid and web enhanced, however we are not sure how to calculate this. For example, should web enhanced courses be included? Should blended students be considered "part-time?" Are there any campuses currently calculating their online FTE as they might calculate how many FTE are in their College of Letters and Science, Biology Major, etc.? Thanks for your help, Patrick || |||| ||| || | | || ||| || ||| || | | ||| || ||| || Patrick Masson Chief Technology Officer, UMassOnline The University of Massachusetts, Office of the President 333 South St., Suite 400, Shrewsbury, MA 01545 (774) 455-7615: Office (774) 455-7620: Fax (970) 4MASSON: GoogleVoice UMOLPatMasson: AIM massonpj: Skype Web Site: Blog: ********** Participation and subscription information for this EDUCAUSE Constituent Group discussion list can be found at