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Hi Lori,


This page provides a list of possible clicker options.

Please let me know if you have any questions, thank you.

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Thanks so much and thanks to everyone for the helpful info.


Two more points: 1) If at all possible, an institution should use only one product/process. Students should not have to purchase several different devices and remember which one is used in which class. 2) Expect students to get cranky about buying even one device if all it’s ever used for is to take attendance.


Other than that, they can be extremely powerful! Have fun!


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Good afternoon all,

Our institution is going through the process of updating the campus-wide agreement for CRS and we are switching from one vendor to another. We had four vendors presenting their products online and, consequently, on campus.

I can subscribe to all good advice shared below (e.g.: standardization, students will complain even if it is only one type required etc.)

Being part of a state-wide system, our campus worked closer with other MnSCU institutions. If you have a chance and network, ask other institutions what CRS they adopted and why. Our talk with other institutions from MnSCU helped us learn that we need to make sure that a clicker system (being gadget-based like Turning Technologies or web-bases like Top Hat Monocle) is integrating well with your Learning Management System. It surfaced out that for integration, an additional server might be needed and is helpful to know this in advance when negotiating cost with the vendor since this is an additional cost).

Also, not  only students, but faculty might not be happy with one vendor on campus only, if that vendor offers web- or client solution only. E.g., some departments at our university require phone-free environment for quizzes (against cheating) and web-based CRS (such as Top Hat Monocle) is making the phone-free environment not possible.

Thank you.



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