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Please do continue this on the listserv, as the discussion has widespread appeal.  Heck, you’ve even got this lurker chiming in.


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Sent: Monday, April 15, 2013 8:48 AM
Subject: Re: [BLEND-ONLINE] Instructional Designers--do they always work in the LMS?


Sarah & Ellen: There's enough interest, it seems -- would you be willing to continue the discussion on the listserv instead of taking it offline?


Thank you,



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Hi Ellen,

My first two reactions are

- wouldn't that distance the designers from the tool which could lead to courses that underutilize what is possible in the LMS or try to do things that aren't possible?  While I don't want to be driven by the tool it does come with inherent strengths and weaknesses one has to work within.

- couldn't that lead to too much hierarchy and staff bloat along with a relegation of the technical to "those wizards over there."

But again, just first reactions,
-- Scott

I second, third, fourth...the request for presenter and document information. Please do continue this in the list.

Thank you!


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Absolutely. I will post it tomorrow. I am on pacific time though, so "morning" is relative :-)

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Would you be willing to share what you have done for D2L?  This looks very helpful.




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