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Hi all, I have delved into MOOC country and created an online course that is generating a lot of excitement where I am in Virginia.  I wanted to share the info with you, as it is a really cool class.  See the flyer at if you are curious or want to share the info with others. There is a blurb below from one of our press releases…Nick : )

Help us get the word out about this massive online class being offered by Longwood University: 5 Skills You Need to Succeed: What Employers Want You to Know. Over the course of 10 weeks, participants will learn how to get and keep a job, succeed in college and more!  It's fun and free! Registration is open now until September 16, 2012.  Head to the website to learn more.

Dr. Nicholas Konrad Langlie
Director of Planning & Policy
Longwood University
201 High Street
Farmville, VA 23909 

********** Participation and subscription information for this EDUCAUSE Constituent Group discussion list can be found at



This MOOC for high school students looks really good.  I'm going to sign up and see if they have some materials that might be useful for us as well.