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Attached is an article on the benefits of using SharePoint as a VLE. A little background on myself, I was a Network Administrator and taught Computer Science at the High School Level for 4 years. I currently work for a software company called MetaVis.


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Who is the author of this article, - and is there a commons / repository with specific examples for how SharePoint is being used as a VLE. (I’m thinking on a school basis).


-        Randy


Hi Randy,


I am the author of this article. Are you looking for specific schools who are using SharePoint? I have links to some great webinars/videos on creative ways schools use SharePoint, is that what you are looking for?


Hi Jeff,


Yes, it would be helpful to know of specific schools who are using SP, and what modifications they made, to engage users.


Links to webinars and videos would be helpful too.




-        Randy


Here are two great webinars:


This one focuses on SharePoint as a Learning Platform with examples of schools who have adopted it:



This one focuses on schools who have cut their IT costs by using SharePoint: