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Hi Blend-Onliners!

Here are a couple of the many 2012 offerings coming up soon:

Educause Learning Initiative 2012

Sloan-C Workshops - a nice selection this Spring! (For you Blenders out there - check out the 3 part series on Blended Learning from UW-Milwaukee! - started yesterday!)

Sloan-C Blended Learning Conference and Workshop:

Speaking of which, here are some others I've never been to. Does anyone have anything to share about them?


Clark Shah-Nelson

Sr. Instructional Designer, CTLT
Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

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The Madison conference is excellent. There is a wide range of tracks and a variety of formats, e.g. concurrent sessions, poster sessions, ½ day seminars. The networking opportunities are aplenty. It’s not as large as Sloan-C (I don’t think) though is it a large conference. Still, there is a very intimate feel to the event. I have always been able to apply several things I’ve learned at this conference. But keep in mind I’m an administrator of online programs, not faculty or IT or instructional designer.

And Madison, Wisconsin is a fantastic city. It’s worth staying an extra night to go to their farmer’s market at the Capitol, which is the largest market in the country (or was a few years ago) and visit Taliesin a few miles down the road.


Hope that helps.