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Forwarding for those not on the Sloan-C List. 

Interesting - they chose to go with the term "hybrid"

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From: Frank Mayadas <>
Date: Wed, Sep 19, 2012 at 2:37 PM
Subject: [sloan-c] Update: Gary Miller/Frank Mayadas Definitions Initiative
To: Sloan Consortium Mailing List <>

Gary and I have taken account of ideas and comments we received following
our post of an initial draft of our efforts to begin standardization of
definitions relevant to online education. That was several weeks ago, and
we now have a new version. It is also at Gary's blog:

Although we'd like to continue to encourage comments and suggestions, we
think this has eached some level of stability, so this version will not be
revised for at least 6-months. Thereafter, probably once a year.

We will now be working on extending this initial version to a new set of
words and word combinations often encountered in online education.


A Frank Mayadas
Sr Advisor, Alfred P Sloan Foundation
Founding President, The Sloan Consortium, Sloan-C

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