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Several major new posts to the _DT > Digital Textbooks_ blog ...

> Are Students Eager To Stop Using Paper Textbooks And Go Digital? [Infographic]

> Connected Talks 2: Rethinking Textbooks in the 21st Century

> Digital Textbooks Elicit Mixed Reactions by Students, Faculty

> The Short Shelf Life of Digital Textbooks

> Digital Textbooks: What’s Stopping Us?

> Born to Run with Digital Textbooks

> Are Digital Textbooks the New “Horseless Carriage”?

> Nine Factors Digital Textbooks Really Are An Excellent Concept

> On Creating an All-Digital Theatre Textbook

> WP > Free Internet Lessons Challenge Textbook Market for Public Schools

> Indiana University > How Nik Osborne Plans To Disrupt Class

> [ISU] Instructors Invited to Apply for Electronic Textbook Pilot ...

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