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Recently I've found myself having an increasing number of conversations regarding gamification with members of our faculty and the broader learning design community, and its lead to a few small pilots. For example, using clickers to add a class based element of role play to courses. a button based badge system at one of our conferences to try and encourage targeted behaviors.

But these pilots and various conversations have me wondering, what else is happening out there? Has anyone tried to "gamily" their classroom (with or without technology) in ways they would be willing to share? Or have an idea that you've been considering and have yet to try?

I know gamification has come up in several discussions on this thread previously, but I'd love to hear about some of your real world ideas/ examples.

- Chris 

Chris Stubbs
Educational Gaming Commons
Education Technology Services
The Pennsylvania State University

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I am just now trying to come up with a class assignment that uses Tiltfactor's Grow a Game cards as a way for students to brainstorm and prototype project ideas. Frankly we are just starting this process, and I have no idea how it will turn out. Katie King

Katie King, Associate Professor, Women's Studies
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My new book from Duke University Press is Networked Reenactments: Stories transdisciplinary knowleges tell

Attaching the syllabus for my "gamified" version of the Public Speaking course that I'm teaching. It's been an interesting experiment this semester and I'm happy to talk more about it (there are some things I'd keep and some I'd jettison if I was to teach the course again).


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     Wow! I am impressed, and would love to hear how it goes. I am now inspired to attempt something similar with a research skills class I will be teaching in the fall.