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Greetings to All,


Wanted to ask if you can share any ideas, designs, designations, or levels that you currently use for classrooms and learning spaces.  Do you have guidelines for the physical layout of  rooms for large and small  spaces for lecture, seminar, labs, and collaborative areas.   Something you show an architect, or vendor for a new or refurbished space. Currently I am working with a committee to create some guidelines for design.


Also, how did you gather input from faculty on what they were looking for in classrooms?


Thanks and Best Wishes,

Jay Catoggio

Director of Media Services

Salem State University

Salem, MA






********** Participation and subscription information for this EDUCAUSE Constituent Group discussion list can be found at

********** Participation and subscription information for this EDUCAUSE Constituent Group discussion list can be found at


Hi Jay,


This is what we have:



With kind regards,


Marianne Schroeder | Senior Manager, Teaching & Learning Technologies

The University of British Columbia | Centre for Teaching, Learning & Technology

2.25 – 1961 East Mall, Vancouver BC V6T 1Z1

Ph: 604.822.0255 |Cell: 604.970.2192 |Fax: 604.822.2157 |







There is some information here:

Rob Rodgers
Director, Educational Technology Systems
UCLA Office of Instructional Development

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Getting some great information from everyone. Thanks so much, and keep it coming please. Let me know if I can help you too.


Best Wishes,




Hi Jay, 

We have information on our website for our classroom standards, links to the two main bodies that govern our process (the Teaching and Learning Spaces Working Group and the University Teaching Labs Working Group), as well as information on some of our active learning classrooms. 

A direct link to our classroom standards is here:

I have a lot more details beyond this as well. Just let me know what you are looking for and I would be happy to help.


-Adam Finkelstein
Teaching and Learning Services
McGill University

For some reading, I would suggest the following. They can be used to help you form a common language of design.

Campfires in Cyberspace, David Thornberg

The Language of School Design: Design Patterns for 21st Century Schools Fully Revised 2nd Edition by Prakash Nair and Randall Fielding

Make Space: How to Set the Stage for Creative Collaboration by Scott Doorley, Scott Witthoft, Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford University and David Kelley

The Third Teacher by OWP/P Architects, VS Furniture and Bruce Mau Design (and look at The Third Teacher+ website

Hi Jay,

Here is an archive of work we did several years ago to establish our design principles for learning spaces.

We went with defining principles and keeping the specifics of technology out.  We set a standard and have stuck with it but have changed the details over time as usage and technologies change.

-- Scott

And also belatedly to the thread, we have released the Beta version of the Learning Space Rating System in partnership with ELI. See and please provide feedback! -Rich