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Clare… could I talk to you about your use of EduBlogs?  May I call you?






We are moving to EduBlogs as well.  I would love to hear about different campuses experiences.

Tanya M. Joosten
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee | 414.229.4319
Twitter/Facebook: tjoosten
Second Life/Google: Juice.Gyoza
Skype: juicelingo

We are considering it, so I need some information about the experience, costs, etc.





Same for the U of Memphis.  How are folks rolling it?  Allowing them to use any theme?  Are you restricting student blog creation?


(We will probably opt for an implementation with Shibboleth authentication.)




Steven A. Terry

Director, Technology Utilization

University of Memphis

AD 377

Memphis, TN 38115

Desk:  901-678-2194

Cell:  901-258-5205


Twitter: tigersteve

FB: steve.terry1

Skype: tigersterry



We'd be happy to share our experiences.