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Enhance Decision Making with ECAR Research

ECAR research and analytical reports are designed to help you predict, plan for, and act on IT trends in higher education. ECAR is committed to a transparent and responsive process in developing our research agenda. Contact Susan Grajek, EDUCAUSE vice president, to suggest research topics. ECAR subscribers will receive the following in 2015:

Collaborate with Peers in ECAR Working Groups

Higher education leaders collaborate in ECAR working groups on emerging and common challenges and share their findings with the higher education IT community. Projects focus on issues such as:

  • Communications
  • Cloud
  • Cyberinfrastructure
  • Data and Analytics
  • IT Services and Management
  • Mobile

Dig Deeper into IT Topics with Research Materials

ECAR delivers a variety of research and analytical resources designed to foster dialogue and enhance decision-making in the higher education community. Research reports and bulletins are the primary ECAR research products, which are supported by secondary materials including infographics, slide decks, case studies, maturity and deployment indices, and data tables. Research hubs are sometimes used to curate publication products about a specific topic for a particularly substantive or timely research study.

Research Reports
Substantive examinations of issues of strategic importance to higher education designed to appeal to dual audiences of IT professionals and higher education leaders. Reports are packaged with their supporting materials in topic-based research hubs.

Research Bulletins
Focused research on specific IT issues that may be authored by ECAR researchers or subject matter experts from the higher education IT community.

Case Studies and Campus Snapshots
Institution-specific or topic-specific reports designed to exemplify important themes, trends, and experiences in the management of information technology investments and activities.

Data Tables
The dataset from an ECAR research report, provided in spreadsheet format. Enables institutions run their own analysis or plug data into their own BI tool. higher education community, including summaries from major ECAR studies.

Benchmarking tools that enable institutions to understand where they are and where they aspire to be in specific IT domains compared to peers and to an objective standard. Deployment indices enable institutions to benchmark stages of deployment for particular technologies and services. Maturity indices examine the additional necessary nontechnical dimensions of progress.

Infographics and Interactive Graphics
Illustrations and graphics relating to ECAR research that tells a visual story of the research findings.

Slide Decks and Presentations
PowerPoint versions of ECAR Research Studies that allow subscribers to incorporate ECAR findings into their own presentations. Presentations developed by ECAR researchers, partners, and contractors on topics of interest to the community.

Survey Instruments
Survey questions used to gather data for an ECAR research report. Provides a framework institutions may use to understand research objectives or conduct their own research on a particular topic.

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Research Staff

Susan Grajek
Susan Grajek, PhD
Vice President for Data, Research, and Analytics

Pam Arroway
Pam Arroway, PhD
Director, Analytics Infrastructure

D. Christopher Brooks
D. Christopher Brooks, PhD
Senior Research Fellow

Eden Dahlstrom
Eden Dahlstrom, EdD
Director of Research

Joanna Grama
Joanna Grama, JD

Director of DRA Operations, IT GRC and Cybersecurity Programs



Leah Lang
Leah Lang, MS
Senior IT Metrics and Benchmarking Analyst

Susan Nesbitt
Susan Nesbitt
Research Administrator

Jamie Reeves
Jamie Reeves
Research Assistant

Betsy Tippens Reinitz
Betsy Tippens Reinitz
Director, Enterprise IT Programs

Mike Roedema
Mike Roedema

Kathryn Roesch
Kathryn Roesch
Data Visualization Specialist

Benjamin Shulman
Benjamin Shulman

Valerie Vogel
Valerie Vogel
Program Manager, ECAR

Karen Wetzel
Karen A. Wetzel
Program Manager, ECAR

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