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Student Study: How to Participate in 2016

The ECAR Students and Information Technology study is based on an annual survey that helps you assess student technology expectations and experiences at your institution. Any higher education institution may participate, and there is no fee.

  1. Understand the research series and its value to your institution. Review the series overview and 2015 research.
  2. Select a survey administrator. Institutions must appoint a survey administrator, who is responsible for corresponding with ECAR, securing institutional approval, providing sampling plan information, and sending the survey invitation to students.
  3. Review the resources below. These will help you prepare and execute the survey.
  4. Express your intent to participate. We encourage institutions to sign-up by January of each year. The ECAR research team will follow-up with survey process and and resources.
  5. Contact the ECAR research team at if you have questions.


Faculty Study: Options for 2016

Although ECAR will not conduct a stand-alone faculty study in 2016, we will continue to use the 2015 faculty data to keep our research relevant to the needs and experiences of this important constituent group. We are experimenting with a two-year cycle for this research effort. Local survey implementation and benchmarking services are still available in off-cycle years. Institutions interested in administering the faculty survey during an off-cycle year can contact to learn more.


Why Participate?

This study can help leaders frame and answer key questions about what their students need and hope for from technology, which can help immensely as an institution develops its strategic objectives for educational technology."
Susan Grajek, Vice President of Data, Research, and Analytics, EDUCAUSE

The data and findings from this research can catalyze conversations among IT professionals about how to better serve their constituents; among institutional leaders about how to use technology strategically; and among students about how to articulate their technology needs and expectations.

Participating institutions receive:

  • The annual research report;
  • An aggregate-level summary/benchmarking report that compares your institution's responses with other institutions'; and
  • The raw (anonymous) data of your institution's responses, so you can conduct further analyses.


Resources for the 2016 Student Research

Unlinked items are forthcoming.


Improve Planning with Trends and Forecasts | Enhance Decision Making

Participate in 2016 Student Research

The sign-up period for the 2016 survey has ended. If you have questions, please contact the ECAR research team.


2015 Research

View the current technology research in the academic community findings. View 2015 research.


Thanks to Our Sponsor

EDUCAUSE thanks the 2016 student study sponsor.