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Students and faculty are arguably the most important consumers of college and university IT services. We need to understand not only the technologies made available through colleges and universities, but also what these consumers do with IT.

This longitudinal research can benchmark campus consumer perceptions and catalyze conversations among IT professionals about how to better serve their constituents; among institutional leaders about how to articulate their technology needs and expectations.

Institutions use these insights to:

  • Improve IT services
  • Increase technology-enabled productivity
  • Prioritize strategic contributions of information technology to higher education
  • Plan for technology shifts among the various constituencies of the academic community
  • Become more technologically competitive among peer institutions, and find out what it might take to compete at the next level


2015 Student and Faculty Studies

ECAR collaborated with 139 institutions to collect responses from 13,276 faculty respondents across 12 countries about their technology experiences.

ECAR collaborated with 161 institutions to collect responses from 50,274 undergraduate students across 11 countries about their technology experiences.

View the 2015 research.


Previous Student Studies

View 2004–2014 research.


Improve Planning with Trends and Forecasts | Enhance Decision Making

Learn How to Participate

Any higher education institution may participate. Institutions that conduct surveys receive additional data and reports.



10+ Years of Research

  • Student Research
    12 years | 553,796 responses
  • Faculty Research
    2 years | 30,727 responses

Since 2004, EDUCAUSE Technology Research in the Academic Community has tracked student and faculty experiences with technology to help IT leaders improve IT service delivery on campus. 


Reporting Results: A Campus Example

Looking to inform your strategy for reporting IT service delivery satisfaction? Check out this model from Western Washington University.


Thanks to Our Sponsor

EDUCAUSE thanks the 2016 student study sponsor.