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ECAR Working Groups: Mobile

Working group projects in the mobile space include such topics as:

  • Mobile data collection
  • Responsive web design
  • Mobile user experience and accessibility
  • Mobile development frameworks


Managing Mobile Apps in Higher Ed: Best Practices

ECAR-APP Working Group
Working Group Co-chairs:

Work on this project began in March 2015. It is a project-based group, and will disband upon completion of the project.

Project Description:
New tools make it easier to create native mobile apps, making them more prevalent than ever in higher ed. Campus constituents, including students, are now developing their own apps and want to distribute them under the university’s banner and brand. But how do we determine what qualifies as a university app? What security, privacy, and quality assurance requirements need to be met? Who owns the apps, how are they maintained, and what issues are there around submitting them to vendor app stores?

University policies need to be interpreted and applied to this new space, and processes for managing these digital assets are necessary. This document will look at current approaches and recommend best practices for managing native apps in higher ed.

Expected Completion: December 2015

See the detailed project proposal for more information.

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