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Day 1: Introductory Reception

Meet fellow participants and catch up with friends with over appetizers and beverages.

Day 2: The Changing Higher Education Model

  • Keynote—Henry Eyring introduces the day’s theme with a high-level perspective.
  • Higher Education Panel—Panel members provide economic and policy perspectives and consider new models and modes for the evolution of higher education.
  • IT Thought Leader Commentary—Our commentators discuss the implications of the morning’s sessions for IT organizations.
  • Community Discussions—We’ll identify key issues IT organizations must address to respond to and support the changing higher education landscape and work in informal small groups to propose solutions, which we’ll then critique and refine.
  • IT Thought Leader Commentary—Our commentators reflect on the most intriguing themes and ideas to emerge from the afternoon.

Day 3: Applying Analytics to Key Issues

  • Keynotes—Jerry Grochow will demystify analytics and describe the special role CIOs can play if analytics is to deliver on its promise for higher education. Susan Grajek will unveil the results of the new ECAR study of analytics. Jer Thorp will explore how we can develop visual tools that help put data in a human context, priming us to think creatively about how higher education can use data analytics.
  • Analytics Panel—Leading practitioners of analytics in higher education offer success stories and lessons learned.
  • IT Thought Leader Commentary—Our commentators examine the morning’s sessions through the IT lens and help hone key issues.
  • Community Discussions—We’ll revisit discussions from the previous day and consider the contributions analytics might make.
  • IT Thought Leader Commentary and Wrap-up—Our commentators consider how the Symposium has advanced our thinking and might help influence our practice.