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The ECAR Analytics Maturity Index for Higher Education measures progress in analytics along six dimensions. The index was developed from: (a) a factor analysis of survey responses from the ECAR report on Analytics in Higher Education; (b) input from focus groups consisting of Information Technology and Institutional Research leaders; and (c) expert advisors to the analytics study. The graphic below represents sample results on each of the six dimensions.

maturity index for higher education


To assess the progress of your own institution, take our short survey. Progress along each dimension will be assessed with a score from 1 to 5, and a composite score representing the average of all six dimensions will also be provided. You will also be given feedback as to how your institution can take analytics to the next step. Your identity and your institution's identity will remain confidential.



NEW IN 2016: New maturity models and reports will be released as part of the EDUCAUSE Benchmarking Service BETA, designed to help IT leaders and their colleagues assess and benchmark organizational maturity and technology deployment for strategic initiatives and priorities.