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The CIO in Higher Education: Leadership, Competencies, Effectivenes
October 28, 2003

As more IT leaders assume a cabinet-level role as chief information officer, colleges and universities with truly effective IT leaders have a strategic advantage. This bulletin analyzes the findi…

Expert-Driven Assessment: Making It Meaningful
October 14, 2003

This bulletin illustrates how to harness technology to make evaluating student learning and development meaningful to both the expert measuring the intended result and to the decision maker who m…

Continuous-Improvement Strategies in Higher Education: A Progress Report
September 30, 2003

Institutions using continuous-improvement management strategies, by whatever label, find them to be proven methodologies for increasing effectiveness and building institutional agility. This bull…

Digital Dashboards: Driving Higher Education Decisions
September 16, 2003

Digital dashboards make it possible to keep or create up-to-date, critical information within easy reach of decision makers. Dashboards also enable the graphical presentation of complex instituti…

Value on Investment in Higher Education
September 2, 2003

A great deal of attention is being paid to the value of information technology itself and to the value of the IT investments that higher education has made. Value on investment is a benchmark tha…

The Learner Centered Curriculum Model: A Structured Framework for Technology Planning
August 19, 2003

This research bulletin describes a framework for higher education curriculum development and technology planning based squarely on learner-centered principles. With evolving demographics and obje…

Student and Faculty Perspectives on E-Learning Support
August 5, 2003

This research bulletin examines the attitudes of instructional faculty and students toward e-learning support. It measures how those attitudes are formed and how they influence e-learning success…

Leveraging IT Investments: Technology-Based Partnerships and Collaborations
July 22, 2003

In tough economic times, intelligent leveraging of information technology investments through partnerships and collaborations is especially critical. Such collaborations may distinguish instituti…

An Evaluation Framework for Course Management Technology
July 8, 2003

This research bulletin describes an evaluation framework--developed by Project analyzing the teaching and learning processes that course management technologies support. Because …

Relationship Management in Higher Education Information Technology
June 24, 2003

Relationship management is an integrated, holistic, enterprise-wide approach to providing information technology services and managing customer relationships over time. This research bulletin ana…