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Measuring Success in Web-Based Distance Learning
February 14, 2003

Assessment is a critical element in the design, initiation, and ongoing management of successful Web-based distance-learning programs, and one that is often overlooked. This Research Bulletin off…

Selecting Models and External Partners for E-Learning Initiatives
February 4, 2003

Although partnerships for e-learning hold great potential, that potential can only be realized if they are organized and managed for success at the outset. This Research Bulletin describes the ki…

Ownership of Online Course Material
January 7, 2003

There are a variety of reasons for examining the ownership of online course material. Beyond legal and financial reasons, other issues involve the use of student material, as well as conflict of …

Strategies for Supporting Off-Campus Growth
December 4, 2002

Abstract Strategies for Supporting Off-Campus Growth is a study of the strategies for establishing and auditing distance learning programs by campus-based colleges and universities. Base…

eArmyU: Early Lessons from a Grand Experiment in Online Learning
October 15, 2002

eArmyU, which has brought over 30,000 students online in 20 months, provides a unique opportunity for insight into e-learning. eArmyU provides participating soldier-students with anytime, anywher…

Selecting Course Management Software to Meet the Requirements of Faculty and Students
April 16, 2002

Many institutions are making the decision to adopt a course management system. But which one, and based on what criteria? This Research Bulletin describes a methodology for selecting a course man…

Information Technology and Accreditation in the United States
February 5, 2002

Over the past few years accreditation standards have been modified to take into account the increasing use of information technology in higher education (e.g., distance education, distributed lea…

Organizational Models for Delivering Distance Learning
January 22, 2002

This Research Bulletin describes the organizational models adopted by six university systems or multi-campus universities that are delivering distance education. These models may help other insti…