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Justify and Maximize Your Experience

You recognize the value of attending the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative Annual Meeting, and we're here to help you communicate that to the campus team responsible for professional development approval. Consider the following to help make your case:

Tips and tools to help you justify your attendance.

Show them the money! Gather costs to show how much you can save if you register early.

Get to know the program. Identify sessions that could help you do your job better.

Share what you know. Inform your colleagues and find out what information you could bring back to help them.

Meet with your supervisor. Share the program and find out what they think would be of greatest benefit to your team.

Don't forget the precons. Review these carefully to see which are most applicable to you.

Draft a work plan. Cover essential tasks that will need to get done while gone and let them know you'll be available.

Present what you've learned. Provide a one-page handout of learnings, vendor discussions, and informal meetings.

Provide a written report. Show how you will implement one new idea that pays back the investment made.


You proved why you should go, now maximize it.

Nine things you should NOT do at the meeting:

  1. Not have a game plan: “Winging it” is not an option here. Be strategic about your time.

  2. Arrive fashionably late: If anything, you should be arriving early,”fashion” be damned.

  3. Attend all the sessions. Plan ahead and pinpoint the sessions that will be the most valuable for you.

  4. Talk to the wrong people for too long: Your time is your most valuable asset.

  5. Commit everything to memory: Take notes.  If it’s important, write it down.

  6. Leave the conference to have lunch: lunchtime is valuable networking time.

  7. Hang out with your colleagues: Challenge each other to go out and make new connections.

  8. Stay in the same place: Make sure you do Justiat least one complete round so you don’t miss anything.

  9. Sit in the back row during sessions: Sit in the front row; take notes; stay engaged.

So...make the most of your annual meeting experience by doing none of the above. It will be worth your while.



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