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Jan 24th, 2005
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Le Salon
Mountain Time
Session Type: Poster Session
The trend toward knowledge management as an overarching learning architecture philosophy is evidenced in the myriad of technological artifacts, such as digital repositories and Learning Content Management Systems (LCMSs), which have emerged to capture, categorize, and manage digital instructional content or learning objects. In this session, we identify the need to examine existing knowledge management models from a planning and decision-making perspective. We discuss four current models of knowledge management found in higher education: the traditional model, the intellectual capital/appropriative model, the sharing/reciprocal model, and the contribution pedagogy model. We propose a new, relativist model of knowledge management that accommodates cross-institutional cultures and beliefs about learning technologies, construction of knowledge across systems and institutions, and the trend toward learner-centered environments, disaggregated and re-aggregated learning objects, and negotiated intellectual property rights. Further, we examine and showcase institutional instances of various knowledge management models and propose the Open Knowledge Model, developed to address learner-centered environments.