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ELI provides a variety of member resources from white papers, to briefs and the always popular 7 Things You Should Know About…™ series as well as podcasts, videos and online event archives to keep you well-informed of emerging trends. 

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Computers for All Students: A Strategy for Universal Access to Information Resources
January 1, 1995

This is a summary of a report published by the State Higher Education Executive Officers (SHEEO). The report explores the policy and implementation issues involved in providing universal student a…

Using Information Technology to Enhance Academic Productivity
January 1, 1995

This paper reports on a 1995 Educom Roundtable of higher education administrators, policy analysts, faculty members and independent information technology consultants. The Roundtable discussed how…

Academic Productivity: The Case for Instructional Software
January 1, 1996

The National Learning Infrastructure Initiative believes that high-quality instructional software will increase productivity in higher education environments, and that a commercial market for creat…

NLII Viewpoint, Vol. 1, Issue 1, Spring/Summer 1996
January 1, 1996

The NLII Viewpoint is a collection of previously published articles that discuss the relationship between technology and instruction. The purpose of the NLII Viewpoint is to identify substantive a…

The NLII Vision: Implications for Systems and States
January 1, 1997

This is a pre-symposium paper written for the November 1997 National Learning Infrastructure Initiative-State Higher Education Executive Officers symposium on the Public Policy Implications of the …

Time for Nationally Authorized Universities
January 1, 1997

Robert Tucker and John Sperling agreed to write an article for the NLII Viewpoint that captures many of the key ideas from their recently published book For-Profit Higher Education: Developing a …

The Virtual University
January 1, 1997

This paper synthesizes the discussion on the future of higher education held by a 1996 Educom/IBM Roundtable of 45 higher education leaders. The paper gives an overview of the trends affecting hig…

Notes for the June 4-5, 1997 NLII-ITP Symposium on Creating and Delivering Collegiate Learning Materials in a Distributed (Networked) Learning Environment
January 1, 1997

This is a pre-symposium paper from the June 1997 Educom-ITP symposium report examining the four-phase process of creating learning materials and using them in credit-bearing courses: content assemb…

The Public Policy Implications of a Global Learning Infrastructure
January 1, 1998

This is a report from a symposium co-sponsored by the National Learning Infrastructure Initiative (NLII) and the State Higher Education Executive Officers (SHEEO) held November 13 and 14, 1997. Pa…

Best Practices in Faculty Engagement and Support
January 1, 2000

This paper attempts to develop an inventory of best practices involved in the process of faculty engagement and support. It includes the following topics: Entrepreneurial Faculty and "Second-…