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ELI provides a variety of member resources from white papers, to briefs and the always popular 7 Things You Should Know About…™ series as well as podcasts, videos and online event archives to keep you well-informed of emerging trends. 

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Transformative Assessment of Educational Uses of Technology: Early Glimpses
January 1, 2001

Some institutions foster specific educational improvements not only through traditional methods (e.g., faculty development, technology support, budgets, mission statements, course evaluation proced…

Combining Faculty Engagement with Readiness Assessment: A Case in Point
January 1, 2002

The University of Hartford has developed a process where the twin goals of readiness assessment and faculty engagement are combined into one effort. This approach allows identification of four type…

Financial and International Issues Driving Change for Distributed Learning
January 1, 2002

Johnstone reviews recent work by the Western Cooperative for Educational Telecommunication regarding activities in the policy arena that are likely to have an impact on distributed learning. For ex…

An Updated Perspective on the NLII Agenda
January 1, 2002

This paper was a background piece for the 2002 Annual Meeting of the EDUCAUSE National Learning Infrastructure Initiative and offers a current perspective on the NLII mission. …

When Shared Vision Meets Business Planning: Successful Strategic Planning Means Alignment, Opportunity, and Collaboration
January 1, 2003

The NLII is exploring how to align action, including policy, budget, project selection and assessment, with strategic plans. To achieve institutional goals, the phrase "transform teaching and …

Citizen Campus: Higher Education Gets Serious About Digital Rights Management
January 1, 2003

NLII staff are researching intellectual property ownership issues and, working with EDUCAUSE policy analyst Garret Sern and several NLII member volunteers, are developing an NLII policy agenda. T…

Transformative Assessment Planning Template
January 1, 2003

For complex human institutions, process is the "engine" that converts models, strategies and rubrics into operational reality. Some approaches that can be adapted into structured process…

Transformative Assessment Conceptual Framework
January 1, 2003

The Transformative Assessment Project (TAP) is designed to elicit new ideas about assessment practices and systems that will transform teaching and learning using technology and to help institution…

When Assessment is About Deep Change, Not Grades: Pressure from Stakeholders Leads to Breakthroughs in Tracking Student and Institutional Progress
January 1, 2003

Transformative assessment systems are institution-wide assessment strategies that are based on institutional goals and implemented in an integrated way for all levels (the course, the program, and …

Winning Systems: New Ways of Looking at Students and Resources Lead to Improvements in How We Deliver Education
January 1, 2003

Systemic institutional transformation is a key area of NLII research, toward enabling education that is active and learner-centered, dynamic and lifelong, collaborative, cost-effective, high-qualit…