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Vive la Difference?


The author discusses the problems that may arise when institutions choose several different paths to accomplish a common goal, such as computer procurement or the choice of Instructional Management Systems.

Gregory A. Jackson

Greg Jackson is vice president at EDUCAUSE, where he oversees the organization's campus and public policy activities, its advanced core technologies initiative, and the .edu domain. He previously served as vice president and CIO at the University of Chicago, where he was responsible for the institution's principal information technology organization and represented the university in matters related to IT nationally and internationally. Prior to joining the University of Chicago, Jackson served four years as director of academic computing at MIT, where he oversaw Project Athena and other academic programs. Before that he taught statistics, research methods, and higher-education policy as a faculty member at Stanford University and Harvard University. His research back then focused on university decision making and how financial aid influences prospects' college choices.

More (or less) bio at http://gjackson.us/cv/gjbio.html, cv at http://gjackson.us/cv/gaj-resume.pdf...


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